Presence Place

Providing spaces for spiritual reflection and connection

Retreat & Reconnect

Presence Place offers regularly scheduled retreats for individuals reflection and healing in a group setting.

Personal Guidance

You can receive one-on-one spiritual guidance in a private space.

Healthcare Advocacy

We can help you navigate the healthcare system during and after a major health issue.

Life’s pressures and transitions can leave us spiritually adrift

Each of us experience troubling periods that can cause us to lose our footing in life … cause us to doubt our spiritual selves.

If you or a loved one is seeking deeper meaning in your life, navigating through health issues or other real life challenges, you’ve arrived at the place for help.

People come to us when they

  • experience the death of a loved one
  • have a job/career change
  • are seeking to live a more authentic life
  • are seeking where is God in their life
  • are looking for accompaniment through health challenges

In essense, we help you transition into becoming a new you, moving you toward serenity, peace and a greater sense of connection.

We accompany persons as they face significant life challenges and transitions by walking alongside them throughout their experience. Our goal is to be present with you so you don’t feel alone, helping you bring a spiritual connection into the situation and see more clearly a path forward.

Presence Place provides serenity and peace to busy individuals and groups seeking a deeper spiritual connection and help discerning life’s challenges.

[PresencePlace] has caused me to realize how important it is to truly surrender and trust God, let Him lead the way.